About Us

We are pets lovers, and as pet owners, we know that our pets are our dearest friends, they came into our lives to make it happier and worth of living.  At Harry Pugger we want to offer you excellence products for our best friends.

Harry Pugger is a company that offers all the products you and your pets might need. We are dedicated to provided you with quality products for your pets, such as leashes, collars, harness, and many more to satisfied you and your little angel.

Our company is continuously growing to become a more innovative and essential for our customers and their best friends. 

We want to build a pet community with all our customers.  In order to build a strong community and be able to grow and better serve your needs, we would like to hear from you.  All your opinions, recommendations and suggestions regarding our services and products will be welcome.  This will help us provide you with further offer to satisfy you, with new products or services. At the same time your inputs will help us to improve and grow with more solid foundations.

Therefore, we encourage our clients to never hesitate in contacting us.  Is extremely easy to contact us, you can write us through our Contact us page or you can write us at harrypuggershop@gmail.com